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Artwork on Mondo Butchers in Inglewood recognising the Beaufort St trams from 1899-1958. Artist Melski 0

Paint the town red… green, blue & yellow

Perth’s suburbs are changing. Buildings and laneways are becoming urban tapestries of colour with street art revitalising our public spaces into living landscapes bringing colour and personality to the streets.

Street Art 16

The death of street art in Perth

Street art is flourishing in Perth with new, exciting works continuously popping up. Sadly an incredible mural has been demolished in the name of progress.


Margs is a foodie’s paradise

While wine and surf remain the main attraction, move over surfies, as foodies of the world learn the secret that Margs is a foodie’s paradise.


A day in Fremantle

Follow us for a day in Fremantle, a dynamic port city, with trendy cafes and bars, a vibrant market and it’s own unique heritage and thriving art scene.


Colours of Kimberley

The Australian outback has some truly stunning scenery and the colours of Kimberley region are exceptional


Doing the block

We enjoyed doing the block, as we ate, shopped and stayed on Collins Street, Melbourne’s epicentre of all things fashionable.