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Thank you, a Premio Dardos Award

Thanks to Samiya from Selims Raasta I’m feeling on top of the world this week. We have just received our second award within a week and were thrilled and surprised to read a message from Samiya: “Lyn,...


Painted bus stops

Come join us as we continue making the most of showcasing some free things to do in our beautiful hometown visiting painted bus stops.


Very Inspiring Blogger Award

What a surprise I had during the week, a message from Vasudha Aggarwal from Travel Defined. Vasudha advised she enjoys exploring our blog which is such a lovely compliment, but the awesome part was...


Landmarks under repair

Have you made plans about when and where to go, only to arrive and find the one thing you didn’t factor? The monumental landmark is undergoing a facelift.


2014, the year that was

We love this time of year, a time when we look back over the previous year, reflecting on the highlights of 2014.


Flâneur, a touch of surrealism

In travel it is easy to become a flâneur, one who wanders without destination. To simply saunter, like the connoisseur of the street with equal parts curiosity and laziness.