Colours of Kimberley

Spectacular scenery, unique land formations and dramatic sunsets, Western Australia’s Kimberley region offers all this and more.

Thanks to the amazing photography of my friend Landi Bradshaw who lives in Kununurra I want to share some of the amazing colours of the Kimberley. This is such a stunning area and Landi has a passion for the region and a real eye for taking photos that showcase the rugged beauty.

Bungle Bungle Ranges

Dunham River

Lake Argyle in the afternoon

During the Australian winter from June to August when the temperatures average a warm 30 °C the Kimberley becomes a popular chance to experience the remote outback. The roads to this area are notorious with deep corrugations but many brave the rough rugged, tyre shredding roads to tick off an iconic road trip in the Australian outback.

Sunrise at Banangum Ridge, Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle

Elephant Rock at sunrise

Halls Creek storm

The reward is stunning scenery and a killer sunset. One place visited by many is Australia’s largest artificial lake and home to 35,000 crocodiles, Lake Argyle.

Ivanhoe Crossing

Kununurra sunset Diversion Dam

Sunrise at Lake Kununurra

Part of the beauty is the staggering scenery of the Kimberley landscape with boab tree silhouettes against low lying mountain ranges.

Boab trio at Wyndham

Boab at Wyndham

Blue skies contrasting with the greens and blues of the water and the gorges of epic proportions make a stunning backdrop.

Balgo Tanami Desert 250k from Halls Creek

Zebedee Springs at El Questro

Tanami Rd Billiluna 170k from Halls Creek

The classic Kimberley landscape is very dry and there is often a dust haze travelling along the red, red roads.

Tanami rainbow

S1 Channel Ord Valley Kununurra East Kimberley

rainbow at Tanami

Kununurra has a myriad of ranges, gorges and escarpments and the huge expanse of Lake Argyle.  Many travellers are happy to endure the red sandy soil and varied landscape to get to countless gorges, waterfalls and swimming holes. To try and put into perspective the size of these gorges, in the photo below just above the watermark in the bottom right hand are some palms which are 20 metres tall.

Purnululu National Park gorges

Ord River Kununurra


Located in the Northern most region of Western Australia some truly breathtaking sunsets can be seen over Kununurra’s rugged landscape. The wet season in summer brings large volumes of rain filling the dozens of smaller streams and creeks and creating some spectacular waterfalls. Ivanhoe Crossing, where the road crosses the Ord River is a popular spot to sit in the natural spas.

Ord River Kununurra

Ord River Dam with Elephant Rock in background

Lake Argyle Dam wall

The Kimberley region is very scenic and whether you winding your way through the grassy plains or checking out the fascinating rock formations you will find the beauty of this region is astounding.

Different view of the Kimberley’s Boab

I hope you enjoyed these stunning photos highlighting the Kimberley’s rugged beauty taken by and used with permission of my friend Landi Bradshaw who lives, works and has a strong passion for this beautiful area. If these images leave you wanting more, be sure to head over to Landi’s website, Instagram or Facebook  page.

Landi and her beloved dog Shelby

Have Landi’s photos inspired you to visit the Kimberley? Does this sound like a great place to explore and learn more about Australia’s great outback?

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43 Responses

  1. Great pictures! So breath taking! Really loved the landscapes! Indeed a good destination to go. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Katie Dundas says:

    These photos are so inspiring! Was only in the Kimberley for a short time, but would love to go back!

  3. Chloe says:

    wow these photos and colors are just so stunning!! it reminds me of some of the National Parks here in Utah,, such gorgeous natural colors and rugged landscapes!! Can’t wait to see what you share on this weekends FlyAwayFriday!!
    Chloe recently posted…Half Day in Zion National ParkMy Profile

  4. Landi’s photos are stunning and the perfect way to show of Kimberley’s beautiful landscapes. I love the ways she has captured the red of the soil and the moody skies. I find the boab trees fascinating too #MondayEscapes
    Claire at Tin Box Traveller recently posted…Winter gardens and tropical butterflies at RHS WisleyMy Profile

  5. Kana says:

    Wow, your photos are absolutely GORGEOUS! The skills, though! I’m headed to Australia this year and can’t wait to see these sights in person! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday, hope to see you again this week!
    Kana recently posted…10 Tips & Tricks for Business TravelMy Profile

  6. Van says:

    Wow those sunsets are absolutely stunning! I would love to visit the Kimberley region and explore all those stunning landscapes myself one day!

  7. Thank u for your information. This photographs are absolutely amazing!!. i would to like visit this of australia.

  8. Landi’s work is incredible. The way she captures colour is amazing. I really do want to visit the Kimberley now. Thanks for linking up with #WkendTravelInspiration.
    Michele {Malaysian Meanders} recently posted…Different Views on Washington, D.C.My Profile

  9. Kimberly says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow.
    Amazing scenery.
    Looks like another place to put on my bucket list!

  10. Aaron says:

    These photos are out of this world. We spent 5 weeks in the Kimberley in 2015 and loved it. The images make me want to head back! Truly fantastic work!
    Aaron recently posted…Tow balls in 4WD recoveries can kill youMy Profile

  11. Wow! What a beautiful collection of photos! Gorgeous pictures!
    Photo(Geo)grapher recently posted…Fishponds in Kraśnicza Wola – International Bird RefugeMy Profile

  12. The photos are incredible your friend is a very very clever lady and yes in answer to your question it does make me want to go! Thanks for linking up #MondayEscapes

  13. That’s some seriously stunning photos you’ve got! Makes me want to go back to the Kimberley right now! All my photos were taken a long time ago with a rubbish camera and I was then a pretty rubbish photographer too!!
    Cindy Collins recently posted…10 Things to do on Your First Trip to KyotoMy Profile

  14. OMG Lyn I cant choose a favourite each and every photo is breathtaking, it makes me want to go now and see all that gorgeous scenery. Thanks so much for linking up #MondayEscapes
    Sarah Christie recently posted…A Sunday Walk And Enjoying Family Time, Shopping And FootballMy Profile

  15. David says:

    While the closest I’ve been to Kimberley is Broome, I’ve heard great things. I’ve seen great photos before but never a collection as stunning as this. Your friend’s photos are phenomenal and they really capture the beauty and diversity of the region. Beautiful! #FlyAwayFriday
    David recently posted…Finding The Many Dwarfs of Wrocław in PolandMy Profile

  16. These photographs are absolutely amazing! I’m actually lost for words – that’s a first, I can tell you!
    Tania @ Larger Family Life recently posted…Our Big Family Stay at Bluestone WalesMy Profile

  17. These photos are absolutely beautiful. I’ve read a lot about Kimberley and it’s somewhere I’d have to see if I ever make it to Australia. It looks like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Thanks for sharing this on #FarawayFiles
    Clare (Suitcases and Sandcastles) recently posted…A Photo Tour of Rye and Camber SandsMy Profile

  18. Wow, Landi is nailing it with these photos of this stunning area. Will be checking out her pages.
    Paula McInerney recently posted…Where to stay in Madrid – a travel guide to Madrid’s neighbourhoodsMy Profile

  19. Stunning images! I would love to visit this part of Australia. Love the red rocks and baobob trees – always so interesting looking! Thank you for sharing this gorgeous area for #FarawayFiles, cheers from much chillier Copenhagen!

  20. Stunning! the photos are out of this world

  21. gorgeous photos! #wkendtravelinspiration
    Tanja (the Red phone box travels) recently posted…My English memories: Bury St EdmundsMy Profile

  22. Christine says:

    Gorgeous photos. I worked in Kununurra for a few months, it was so different to any of the landscapes I’d experienced before (and blooming hot too!). Lovely to reminisce! #farawayfiles
    Christine recently posted…Magical Lantern Festival 2017, Chiswick House, LondonMy Profile

  23. The picture you have uploaded tells about the beauty of the country, i started thinking about my tour plan to visit this place, thanks for your suggestions.

  24. Ava Meena says:

    These landscapes are absolutely dreamy! I would love to visit and see them for myself!

  25. Beautiful photos, definitely makes me want to visit this region! Laurence said he loved his time there and would love to go back as it was one of his favorite parts of Australia.
    Jessica @ Independent Travel Cats recently posted…Visiting Wentworth Woodhouse: The Largest Private House in EnglandMy Profile

  26. Natalie says:

    Love these photos! Kimberley looks gorgeous!

  27. I am trying to find something intelligent to say – but all I can think of WOW how absolutely gorgeous your photos are !! Just fantastic thank you for sharing!

  28. Anna says:

    Really enjoyed the photos of Kimberley’s beauty! Inspired me to visit! I could scroll up and down all day lol My compliments to Landi Bradshaw #WeekendWanderlust
    Anna recently posted…Blog Story: Belgium Through Romanian EyesMy Profile

  29. Rhonda Albom says:

    The Kimberley looks diverse and beautiful. I may have to travel to the Australia west coast again to see the Kimberley.
    Rhonda Albom recently posted…Photos: Omani Grand Canyon and Jebel ShamsMy Profile

  30. Lolo says:

    What beautiful pictures!! I especially love the Halls Creek Storm picture! That one is amazing! #Wkendtravelinspiration
    Lolo recently posted…8 Quick Things to Do in LexingtonMy Profile

  31. OMG these photos!! I spent a month in Perth last May, but I was too cheap to fly to Kimberley. Boy do I regret that now.

  32. budget jan says:

    Wow Landi has captured some gorgeous images in this post. She sure is an excellent photographer and has a unique way of looking at things.
    budget jan recently posted…What to see and do in Vietnam plus ItineraryMy Profile

  33. Lynne Sarao says:

    Your photos are outstanding! The colors jump off the page and really inspire me to visit this gorgeous place that I have never before heard of!
    Lynne Sarao recently posted…3 Must-do Hikes in Zion National ParkMy Profile

  34. Gorgeous pictures! You definitely have an eye for beauty. Great work!

  35. Erin says:

    WOW Lyn! Those photos are absolutely stunning. Coming from the east coast of Australia I have been dying to make the trip west for some time now. Your post is giving me a sense of urgency. I wonder if I can make it over there this year?! Thanks for sharing #FlyAwayFriday

  36. Stunning photographs-an area I would love to explore more when we are living in Australia! #weekendtravelinspiration – will check out Landi’s pages!
    Tracy McConnachie Collins recently posted…A Virtual Cuppa – January 2017My Profile

  37. This is one part of Australia I’ve not yet seen: judging by your pictures, I am clearly missing out! Thanks for providing a glimpse to another of the country’s/continent’s regions.
    Henry – @fotoeins recently posted…Tracing Luther’s steps in GermanyMy Profile

  38. Jane says:

    Simply stunning images. Landi does have a great eye for images. I can’t wait to see the Kimberley. Thanks Lyn!
    Jane recently posted…Things to do in TasmaniaMy Profile

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