Perth’s streets of colour

One of our favourite things about visiting new places is checking out the street art. Here in Australia it is Melbourne that holds the crown for street art. But luckily for those, who like us, live in the most isolated city in the world, we don’t have to travel to see good street art. 

Painted by Daek William, carpark between Roe Street and James Street, Northbridge

Painted by Kyle Hughes-Odgers , carpark between Roe & James Streets, Northbridge

Border Crossing by Audrey Fernandes-Satar, Wilson carpark Roe Street, Northbridge

Perth is now ranked #4 in the world for street art, behind Lisbon, New York and Melbourne. On the other side of the railway line is Northbridge, a really cool location. The area is a mecca for street art and has a buzz and vibe bought to life through some remarkable artists.

Painted by Curiot in Nicks Lane, Northbridge

Sugar Glider painted by Amok Island, Nicks Lane, Northbridge

Neon Artwork by Straker at the Roe Street entrance to Nick’s Lane

On the rear of Paramount Nightclub, painted by Anya Brock

We often spend our weekends wandering the city streets and lanes to find some amazing street art.

Pretty Patterns painted by Clare McFarlane & Paul Caporn, Prince Lane, Perth

Painted by Beastman & Vans the Omega, carpark in Murray Street, Perth

Update: Sadly the above wall has been removed 

Snake, painted by ROA, seen from Murray Street carpark

Huge mural painted by Phlegm

Dementia painted by Gaia, Murray Street carpark, Perth

Update: This above wall has now been removed

It is really exciting to turn a corner and be confronted by what was a blank, boring concrete wall, transformed into a massive piece of art. Most either have direct permission from council or are commissioned.

Painted by Tim Rollin in Murray Street carpark, Perth

Retro Space, painted by James Cooper and Martin E Wills, seen in carpark in Wolf Lane

Painted by Paul Deej Art and Humans of Perth, Wolf Lane carpark, Perth

Some very talented artists have chosen to use as a canvas the buildings in the city centre in Perth. Many an alleyway or car-park is the perfect backdrop for some of the finest street art the most remote city has to offer. 

On the wall of Secret Garden Cafe in Wolf Lane, Pained by Shrink

Squirrel in Wolf Lane, artist unknown

Mine Train Future, painted by Pixel Pancho in Wolf Lane, Perth.

Painted by Vans the Omega & Beastman at 140 Complex, Perth

Painted by Phibs Official-Graffiti/Fine Art/Street Art at The Coffee Club, 140 Complex, Perth

We found things from a huge snake, horses, cat, squirrel, even a sugar glider.

Painted by by Sioux Tempestt Artist, Grand Lane, Perth

Cabin Fever painted by Sheryo & The Yok, Bon March Arcade, Perth

The Conversation painted by Stormie Mills, Howard Lane, Perth

Night Forrest, Painted in Howard Lane by The Yok & Sheryo

Love it or loath it, you can’t deny it brightens up an otherwise dull and boring wall.

Painted by Alex Face at Long Chim Thai Restaurant, Perth

Totoro, by Idol Motions, Morris House, Pier Street, Perth

Painted by Idol Motions, Morris House, Pier Street, Perth

Painted by Shime at YHA Building, Wellington Street, Perth

Moving Landscapes painted by Eko Nugroho, Moore Street, Perth

Street art has now evolved into more than creative vandalism and is now a desirable art form breathing new life into forgotten spaces.

We have included a map of all the art that we showcase in this article with the hope it will encourage you to get out and explore our colourful city.

I hope you agree that street art is not an eyesore and can appreciate the difference between street art and graffiti. What do you think about our street art in Perth? Do you recognize any pieces from your favourite artist?

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34 Responses

  1. Gorgeous! I’ll keep an eye out for Perth’s street art when I visit from this Wednesday [arrival] till Sunday [departure]. It will be my first time in Perth and in fact my first time anywhere in WA. I am excited! Plans are for a city explore on Wed avo and Thurs, Freemantle and maybe Cottesloe Beach on Friday. Bus tour to Mary River region on Saturday. Homeward bound Sunday. A short visit but a great one I’m sure.

    • Lyn says:

      Min I hope you have an amazing whirlwind trip to the west. Perth is a very walkable city but do note we are a very windy city. Fremantle is awesome, check out my article on Fremantle and another showing some great street art. You will enjoy Margaret River for sure. If you need any details please email or PM me on Facebook.

  2. Amber says:

    A lot of skills go into these artworks! Very fun!
    Amber recently posted…Coffee Culture MississaugaMy Profile

  3. What fantastic street art! Added to our Pinterest Board on Street Art Around the World – thanks so much for sharing. And thanks for the map! So handy!!
    Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net) recently posted…Will Travel for the (Frank Lloyd) Wright SightsMy Profile

  4. I have NOT been to Perth and this is just totally icing on the cake. Now I really want to visit the farthest city from me. Thank you.
    Charles McCool recently posted…Where Are the Most Adventurous Travelers From?My Profile

  5. Had no idea Perth was this colorful. Had the chance to see Sydney but never had the chance to go farther. Definitely have to go back to see a different side of Australia. Thank you a hole in my shoe for sharing. 🙂
    Juander Woman recently posted…Bagac, Bataan BeachesMy Profile

  6. Wow – who knew that Perth was #4 in the world for Street Art. I appreciate a city that invests in public art. I am curious with such colorful streets, is there an illicit side to the street art culture in Perth as well? Thanks for sharing with #FarawayFiles, Erin

  7. Kana says:

    I love how street art has become a thing recently! Perth definitely has some amazing ones! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday, hope to see you again this weekend! xo

  8. David says:

    As a Melbournian, I know we tend to get all the attention when it comes to street art but I had heard good things about Freo. Clearly the whole of Perth deserves more attention considering how awesome these pieces are. So much variety, from bright and prismatic to stark and curious. It’s been almost 20 years since I last visited the west coast but I’d love to get out there if for only to see all this! Pinned for future reference.

  9. Max says:

    Hi Lyn,
    Thanks for this post. It’s always nice to see visual sides of the streets of this world. I’ve seen great ones of Berlin, Medellin, and others. This is my first for Perth. These efforts are always great for a city to help appreciate graffiti artists rather than ostracize them. Like you said street art has evolved. Thanks again. Looking forward to seeing this one day.

  10. I need to go mural hunting in Perth one day!! These are just amazing! #CityTripping
    Bumble Bee Mum recently posted…Tulipmania 2017 @ Gardens by the BayMy Profile

  11. Fabulous. I love street art and you’ve featured such wonderful examples. I had no idea that Perth’s street art was one of the best in the world . Thanks for sharing such a colourful post on #Farawayfiles
    Clare (Suitcases and Sandcastles) recently posted…Faraway Files #25My Profile

  12. Esther says:

    This street art is just amazing, I love it! Way back when, when I visited Australia I wasn’t into urban art yet and I didn’t make it all the way to Perth. But this is awesome!
    (Found you through Wanderful Wednesday)
    Esther recently posted…Weekendje Mechelen in 5 tegenstellingenMy Profile

  13. budget jan says:

    I didn’t realise that Perth had so much street art of such quality. Thanks for sharing it!
    budget jan recently posted…Lan Ha Bay Vietnam rival for Halong BayMy Profile

  14. Anne says:

    There certainly is some cool street art in our city.

  15. Katy Clarke says:

    Awesome! Perth has so many hidden gems. I used to visit there often for work but did not spot the street art Lyn. Melbourne girl as I am you would have thought I would have noticed. I love the “Butterick” pattern one. Takes me back! My mum had a few stashed away. Thanks for joining us on #FarawayFiles

  16. Some of these are really beautiful. Just found your blog through Middle Aged Mama’s post about Aussie bloggers. We live in Australind so we are almost neighbours. I’ll be back to check out more of your posts and to see if you end up heading off to Europe 🙂
    Leanne | cresting the hill

  17. I love street art and these are stunning! Would love to visit Perth to see them in person.
    Bryna | Dotted Line Travels recently posted…Free Things to Do in Rome – Part 2My Profile

  18. Ting at MTM says:

    I do love street art and wow, Perth really has them in droves. I love all the colours. Great photos. Thanks for linking up with #CityTripping

  19. Van says:

    I’ve been reading so many great things about Melbourne recently! Would really love to visit and see the art myself!

    • Van says:

      It was then that she realized that you’re actually writing about Perth, urgh. Excuse my non-functioning brain, I should not try to comment on blogs after a long work day 😀 So PERTH looks amazing and I wasn’t aware that it had so much to offer. Like I said, I’ve heard so much about Melbourne recently but Perth seems to be just as interesting!

  20. Hilary says:

    I’m a big fan of street art, and these are some gorgeous pieces! So fun, and they really brighten up the neighborhoods! #farawayfiles
    Hilary recently posted…Warner Brothers Studio TourMy Profile

  21. Lolo says:

    Those are some beautiful pieces!! I especially like the one that looks like you’re at the beach! #FarawayFiles
    Lolo recently posted…A 10-Day Road Trip Through CroatiaMy Profile

  22. These are fantastic! I live the trompe l’oeil one, giving a suggesting of what might be behind and giving drivers a good ‘view’ instead of a blank wall!

  23. I love street art!! The urban jungle is often in need of some vibrant colour to bring all that cold concrete to life!

  24. Love this post! Street art is seriously one of my very favourite things 🙂 It brings so much colour and charm to a place! These are some great finds.

  25. I love the sugar glider mural! So cute! Perth definitely has some amazing street art, and they are all impressive!
    Christine | The Journey of Christine recently posted…The Town that Overlooks Lake Como | Brunate, ItalyMy Profile

  26. iHanna says:

    Love street art like this, thanks for sharing. Most of these are amazing artworks!
    iHanna recently posted…The Midori Traveler’s Notebook System | The ultimate guideMy Profile

  27. Faith Coates says:

    It constantly amazes me the quality of the work exhibited via the streets. You could hang anyone of these in your home and be a very happy camper. I have to say though my very favourite is the pattern markings it is fabulous.

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